Lunch debate cycle on happiness and sustainability

Mercredi 19 Oct 2022

Conférence / séminaire

Mercredi 19 Oct 2022


House of Startups

Caritas Luxembourg is organising a 4 lecture lunch debate cycle with Francesco Sarracino from STATEC Research in the Big Bang room at House of Startups. Come enjoy some vegan food whilst learning about an alternative future for our society and our economic model. This is the first out of a four lecture cycle by Francesco Sarracino, a happiness economist and researcher.

Lunch debate 2/4
Consumption and well-being
October 19th 2022, 12:00pm

Consumption has a leading role in people’s lives. Its decrease is as important for sustainability as it is unpopular. In this seminar, we will discuss the role of money for well-being, and some of the drivers of consumption. We will also discuss why unhappiness, poor health, loneliness, stress, long working hours have become the characteristic features of modern, affluent societies. Various examples and evidence from empirical studies will illustrate defensive growth mechanisms in developed and developing countries. Understanding the causes of modern consumption and its relation with our well-being is the first step towards socially and environmentally sustainable societies.


Location: HoST (House of Startups) |9 Rue du Laboratoire | L-1911 Luxembourg