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05.12.2017 10:30

10th Taiwan-Luxembourg Joint Business Council

On April 20, 2007 the first Taiwan-Luxembourg Joint Business Council (TLJBC) was held in Taipei and this year the Luxembourg Delegation was received by their Taiwanese counterpart, the Chinese International Economic Cooperation Association (CIECA), represented by Dr Chin, for the 10th meeting in order to discuss topics of cooperation, get information about the latest commercial trends and economic policies in the respective markets. The TLJBC was set up to strengthen economic ties and to offer a platform for Taiwanese and Luxembourg companies to present products and services as well as to identify fields of cooperation and facilitate collaboration.

7 companies and organizations participated in the multi sectoral economic mission structured around the TLJBC and experienced through field visits of Taiwan’s most important incubator Garage+ and of the world’s tallest green building, Taipei 101, that Taiwan is very much ahead when it comes to developing products and services in sectors such as electro mobility, personalized medicine and eco-construction.

The TLJBC itself saw presentations in the field of Smart City development, intelligent transportation management and state of the art sensor regulated home & industrial equipment from the Taiwanese side. Luxembourg’s presentations were focusing on the Third Industrial Revolution and the business opportunities this nationwide strategy offers also for Taiwanese businesses. An ICT sectoral presentation highlighted the advantages for Taiwanese companies to set up their European operations in Luxembourg, offering the best developed ICT ecosystem in Europe and SES showcased the numerous business cases their satellite communication are offering. Last but not, Mrs. Anouk Agnes, Deputy Director General from Alfi, presented to the audience the latest developments in cross border fund distribution.

On November 30, 2017 M. Robert Dennewald, Vice President of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and Acting Chairman of the TLJBC, and the Luxembourg Trade and Investment Office in Taipei, invited the Taiwanese business community to an Official Reception in order to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the TLJBC. This event, attended also by Luxembourg expats and other European business representatives proofed once again the friendly climate and warm hospitality one can experience in Taiwan.