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Starting up my business

Becoming your own boss is a tempting adventure, but developing a business project requires careful preparation. It is essential to act methodically.

Setting up your own business or taking over an existing business represents a major challenge and requires some administrative procedures, permits as well as choosing the legal form of the business. Here are some examples of these administrative procedures : business permit, initial declarations with the tax authorities (VAT, Luxembourg Inland Revenue), registration with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register (Régistre de Commerce et des Sociétés, RCS) for any individual or sole trader who carries out a commercial activity. 

It is necessary to do it as soon as possible because these elements will determine the start of your business and the granting of most financial aid.

The Chamber de Commerce via its Espace Entreprises  can  offer assistance and personal advice to entrepreneurs. The support granted by Espace Entreprises is aimed particularly at business creators, from the conception of the project to the creation of the company, and at already estalished businesses relating to various administrative procedures.

The range of services provided free of charge includes among others:

A range of publications and information sheets dealing with business creation are also available.

We also invite you to visit the guichet which contains detailed and complete information about business creation, from its operation to finance/state aid, human resources, taxation, commerce & legal obligations, research & innnovation, etc.

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Starting up & Development

How to take over or start up a business in Luxembourg?

How to start a self-employed or independent activity? Which legal form of business is the most suitable for my project?

How to apply for registration in the trade and companies register? How to register for social security or VAT?

The Business Portail can guide you through the 5 main steps required to start a business: