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Sell & take over a business

Starting up a new business often means having the impression to fulfill a dream: become your own boss. Yet when it comes to venture into entrepreneurship, other alternatives than starting up a brand new business are possible. Among them: take over an existing business.

The take over of a business is a natural evolution in each company's life. This is a very critical stage and needs to be anticipated. It can be a difficult one if it is not at all or poorly prepared. 

In order to ensure a successful business selling or take over, do not hesitate to prepare it well in advance by contacting the dedicated team of the Espace Entreprises or by sending an E-mail to

If your entrepreneurial project is to acquire a business, we invite you to visit also our cross-border business exchange platform on the website

All applications are treated confidentially.

For further information, please feel free to contact the Espace Entreprises:
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Preservation & Termination of a business

Any business can, at one time or another during its life cycle, be faced with difficulties. It is therefore of the utmost importance to closely monitor the evolution of the business in order to detect any risk of underperformance and react as quickly as possible in case of difficulties.

To do so, a business can make use of several specific instruments aimed at safeguarding assets and operations and hence avoiding bankruptcy.